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When was the first known use of a spoon? What led to the development of spoons as far as we can tell? What were the early attempts at spoon-like utensils?--Che y Marijuana 11:10, Nov 30, 2004 (UTC)

... I'm sorry, -combat- ?? Forks, sure.. knives? obviously.. but combat spoons??

"Obviously, the most widely used and well known use is for assistance in eating." why is it obvious, "The most..." might be more true.


a form of romantic/sexuall cudleing Alf 14:52, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Light Refraction in a spoon[edit]

Does any one here knows why on the front side of a spoon, any light refracted is upside down, and on the back, everything is rightside up?

There is no spoon. Seriously though, the spoon being rounded inwards causes the light to be reflected inward, thus inverting the reflection, the reason the back of the spoon doesn't do that is because it is bowed in the opposite direction and reflects outwards, which still distorts the light, but does not invert it. --Killer Panda