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I have the urge to redirect this to genetic code, since the current article is just a dictionary definition and I don't see it expanding much in the future (genetic code already has all the details that might be put here). But what should I do about the link to the Spanish codon article? Any ideas? Bryan

I would just move the [[es:Codón]] into Genetic code, since there doesn't seem to be an equivalent article on the Spanish wiki (ie, an article about codons that doesn't use the word in its title) and change the backlink to match. --Brion 21:19 Jan 18, 2003 (UTC)

I have consulted two textbooks. One defines codon as any triplet in DNA, another defines it as an mRNA triplet. Neither say that it must be a terminating triplet. What is up? Slrubenstein

A terminating triplet is a stop codon, which is a specific kind of codon. All terminating triplets are codons, but not all codons are terminating triplets. Bryan

Thanks Bryan, I actually sorted this out yesterday -- my fault; I should have deleted this portion of the talk. Have you looked at Gene lately? Slrubenstein

I prefer to have a separate article for codon than just redirecting[edit]

How about the dictionary definition as a start where experts in the field can elaborate? "A three-letter sequence in RNAs that is used to translate the four-letter alphabet of DNA and RNA into the 20-letter amino acid code". ----Bernburgerin (talk) 09:30, 2 November 2018 (UTC)[reply]