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Rehabilitation of the Much-Vandalized Etymology Section[edit]

The Etymology section which I painstakingly researched and wrote in 2008 has suffered some erroneous mutations due to being repeatedly vandalized and repaired.

(Why is an article on crocodiles subjected to so much vandalism?? Get a life.)

For example, the Greek letter kappa should always be transliterated as 'k' not 'c' according to present-day academic conventions. (Though note 'c' is correct once a Greek word has been Latinized). Accents on the Greek transliterations have also suffered, and some other points.

I do recognize that our contributions to Wikipedia get altered by later editors -- but in this case you will see that none of the changes has been for the better.

The 4th sentence that has the word ‘priority’ in the socialization section makes no sense.

You'll find my pristine original version in the article history at:

The source code of the entire Etymology section there should simply be cut and pasted into the current article.

Thank you. ~CrocodileCorrector

Edit request: Change[edit]

Please, change the table, for a god lay out for the book... i can't download as pdf... thank you. 08:04, 21 October 2012‎ User:

So which actually is the smallest[edit]

At the moment the article describes both the Osborn’s dwarf crocodile and the Dwarf crocodile as "It is the smallest of all living crocodiles".©Geni (talk) 12:14, 17 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]