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Coalesce, coalescence or coalescent can refer to:

Chemistry and physics[edit]

  • Coalescence (chemistry), the process by which two or more separate masses of miscible substances seem to "pull" each other together should they make the slightest contact
  • Coalescence (physics), the merging of two or more droplets, bubbles or particles into one
  • Coalescer, device which induces coalescence in a medium

Computer science[edit]

  • Coalescence (computer science), the act of merging adjacent free blocks of memory to fill gaps caused by memory deallocation
  • COALESCE, an SQL function that selects the first non-null from a range of values
  • Null coalescing operator, a binary operator that is part of the syntax for a basic conditional expression in several programming languages
  • Coalesced hashing, a strategy of hash collision resolution in computing
  • Interrupt coalescing, a technique where events which would normally trigger a hardware interrupt are held back until either a certain amount of work is pending or a timeout timer triggers
  • Timer coalescing, an energy-saving technique for processors

Other fields of science[edit]

  • Coalescence (genetics) or the coalescent theory, the merging of genetic lineages backwards to a most recent common ancestor, in other words a model of how alleles sampled from a population may have originated from a common ancestor
  • Coalescence (linguistics), also known as fusion (phonetics) or vowel coalescence, a sound change where two or more phonological segments with distinctive features merge into a single segment
  • In geography, the process by which urban sprawl produces a linear conurbation
  • Microvoid coalescence (materials science), a high energy microscopic fracture mechanism observed in the majority of metallic alloys and in some engineering plastics

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