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Royal Bloodlines

Ealhmund of Kent
Egbert of Wessex
Robert of HesbayeKenneth MacAlpinÆthelwulf of Wessex
Robert the StrongConstantinAlfred the Great
Robert IDonald IIEdward the Elder
Hugh the GreatMalcom IEdmund I
Hugh CapetKenneth IIEdgar the Peaceful
Robert IIMalcom IIÆthelred the Unready
Henry IBethócEdmund Ironside
Philip IElias IRobert IDuncan IEdward the Exile
Louis VIErmengarde of MaineWilliam IMalcolm IIIMargaret of Wessex
Louis VIIFulk, King of JerusalemHenryMatilda of Scotland
Philip IIGeoffrey PlantagenetEmpress Matilda
Louis VIIIHenry II
Louis IXJohn I
Philip IIIHenry III
Margaret of FranceEdward I
Edmund, Earl of Kent
Joan of Kent
Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent
Edmund Holland, Earl of Kent
Eleanor de Holland
Constance Touchet
Eleanor de Whitney
John Puleston
Jane Puleston
Gaynor Thomas
Richard Pughe
Joyce Pughe
Harry Owen
Hugh Harry
Ann Brinton Speakman
Joshua Speakman
Ebenezer Speakman
Joshua J SpeakmanThomas Speakman
Ebenezer B SpeakmanJohn Speakman
William SpeakmanAbraham Speakman
Rolla SpeakmanMary Speakman
James D Speakman Sr
David Speakman

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